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New Casino Sites 2023

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List: All New Casino Sites 2023

 Online CasinoCasino RatingCasino BonusNew CasinoPlay Now
Yes2023Play Now
1.Casino Planet
Casino Planet
Yes2023Play Now
2.Cookie Casino
Cookie Casino
Yes2023Play Now
Yes2023Play Now
4.Bob Casino
Bob Casino
Yes2023Play Now
Yes2023Play Now
Yes2023Play Now
7.Woo Casino
Woo Casino
Yes2023Play Now
Yes2023Play Now
9.YoYo Casino
YoYo Casino
Yes2023Play Now
Yes2023Play Now
11.Light Casino
Light Casino
Yes2023Play Now
12.Malina Casino
Malina Casino
Yes2023Play Now
13.Buran Casino
Buran Casino
Yes2023Play Now
Yes2023Play Now
15.Boa Boa
Boa Boa
Yes2023Play Now
Yes2023Play Now
17.Alf Casino
Alf Casino
Yes2023Play Now
Yes2023Play Now
19.888 Casino
888 Casino
Yes2022Play Now
20.777 Casino
777 Casino
Yes2022Play Now

There are virtually endless casino sites online, with new ones popping up every single day. So, as a player, which should you choose?
We built this site to make your task in selecting one simpler. After reading our reviews on new casino sites and games, you will be 100% informed and ready to decide what the best site is for you.

Why should I play at new casino sites?

There are lots of benefits to playing at the newest casino sites rather than old, established sites.

  • You can enjoy fresh bonuses. If you’re like us, you love a good bonus but you’ve probably already claimed them all at the big mainstream sites. 2017 sites offer fresh bonuses and we’re always ready to take free cash when it’s presented to us. There are often daily or weekly bonuses on top of welcome bonuses.
  • You can play different games. Perhaps you’ve been a player at the same site for years or play at a few sites and are growing bored. New sites tend to offer new, novel games and some offer games from software providers the big sites wouldn’t promote. That’s not a bad thing – it’s a great thing if new gaming experiences are a priority.
  • You can play on designer mobile apps. They know before they even begin coding that the majority of the market is logging on via phone or tablet and have designed their sites accordingly. These mobile ready casinos and apps are ready from the moment you sign up.
  • You can enjoy better customer service. Who has to try harder – a big online casino with millions of players or a scrappy little startup fighting for its place in the market? It’s pretty obvious. They have faster, better customer service 90% of the time.

Those are just the key reasons why we like new casino sites better.

How did you decide on the casino sites listed in the table above?

We look at several factors when we dispatch our expert team to check out a new casino. We have a sort of checklist or criteria which one must meet before we even consider recommending it.

  • The casino must be safe and secure. This comes above all else. If it shines in all areas but fails here, we strike it off our list from the get go. We check which governing authority issues its license and we check the connection between your computer and the server is secure and encrypted.
  • The casino must be well designed and user friendly. We don’t want to recommend frustrating, difficult to use sites with broken links, faulty menus, slow load times, and games which either don’t load or freeze and drop off. This won’t help us build a solid readership. We only recommend the best ones which we enjoy navigating and using ourselves.
  • The site must offer a full range of quality games. We’ve seen all sorts in our time, from casinos which focus on slots exclusively to those with mostly slots and a few digital card games. Ideally, we want casino sites with lots of slots, a full and complete range of card and table games with multiple variants, video poker, live dealer games, and even some novelty games.
  • The casino must offer fair and generous bonuses. We understand through experience that welcome bonuses come in all shapes and sizes and we know how to spot the good ones and avoid the rip offs. In all our reviews, we outline bonus terms clearly and we won’t sugarcoat it – if a bonus is predatory or useless, you won’t find that casino on our recommended list. New sites with no deposit bonus offers are our favourites and several in our table above offer them.
  • The site must be mobile ready on all devices. It doesn’t have to have an app but it’s better if it does. At the very least we want to see a flash mobile casino site which works well on all devices and browsers. Mobile is the future, and any casino lagging behind here won’t make the cut as far as getting a green light from us.
  • The casino must offer plenty of payment methods. Some casinos only allow you to deposit via credit and debit card. While this isn’t an absolute dealbreaker for us, we much prefer the ones offering PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Paysafecard, and alternative payment methods. These lead to faster withdrawals and less fees for players.
  • The customer service must be world class. We don’t recommend casino sites with slow responses, agents with bad attitudes who are unhelpful, or those which only reply by e-mail after days have passed. We want to see live chat and e-mail at a minimum, and fast, professional responses which make players feel valued and looked after.
  • They must offer fast, reliable payouts. New casino sites with third party payout verification are preferred, such as eCogra certified sites. Where this isn’t possible, we look for sites which publish payout figures and which have a proven track record of fast payouts. Where e-wallets exist as payment options, this usually means your money on the same day.

You can be sure that every casino listed on this site meets these eight criteria. Of course, that would still leave us with hundreds of great sites to choose from, so we use our experience and intuition to pick the best of them to offer here.

What is the difference between various bonus offers? Are they worth taking?

As a general rule of thumb, unless the deal is clearly terrible, we take free cash wherever it is going. However, if you are new to this scene or are unfamiliar with the different bonuses, you should take a minute to get acquainted with the different kinds and some of the terms and conditions.

Casino Sites With Free Spins

Depending on the offer, you might have to make a deposit to get these or you might not. They can usually be found as part of an overall welcome package which includes a cash bonus. You can also find them offered daily and weekly, or as a prize for winning a slots tournament, at many other new casino sites.

We never say no to free spins. If you win a progressive jackpot using house money, you’ll be glad you took them.

Free Signup Bonus

These are commonly called no deposit bonuses. Just as it sounds, these require no capital invested from you. The new casino site in question will give you some chips to play with, just to check it out. They are hoping you will enjoy your gaming experience and become a regular player.

Casino Sites With a Welcome Bonus

These are better known as deposit bonuses or deposit matches. You will be asked to put in a minimum amount and the casino will match it. For example, Casumo casino offers a welcome bonus of £1,600 + 120 free spins. This is paid out over multiple deposits, giving you a deposit bonus and several reload bonuses.

Reload Bonus

These are even better again since you will effectively get a welcome bonus and then several more. Some casino sites pay these up front, while some will go as far as offering you a weekly reload bonus. Over time, this can lead to a heck of a lot of free chips and free chances at a jackpot.

Casino Sites with Cashback Bonuses

This is somewhat of a trend in the industry currently and some new casino sites are offering them exclusively, cutting out other types of bonus altogether.

These act as a second chance if you bet and lose. We’ve seen everything from 10% back on losses in live casinos at the weekend to nonstop cashback bonuses which accumulate during your entire time playing at the casino.

Casino Bonus Summary

This is a decent overview of the main types of bonuses available. There are a few niche bonuses such as payment method bonuses and game specific bonuses we haven’t covered here, but you get the idea.

Check out some of the welcome bonuses on offer at our approved new casino sites in the table above. You can also read more about these bonuses in our in-depth reviews.

What are the Best Games to Play at New Casino Sites?

There are two ways to look at this question – from the perspective of fun and from the perspective of your actual chances of winning. We will mention both briefly in this casino game rundown.


Enjoyment Factor: 9/10
Chances of Winning: Pure Chance

This is a hugely popular card game which has been around since knights rode around lopping heads off on horseback.

It’s incredibly simple and that’s what makes it fun. You simply bet on either the ‘player’ or the ‘banker’ to win. The dealer will issue cards to each, and whoever has the total closest to nine wins.

If you fancy playing baccarat, we recommend doing so with live dealers.


Enjoyment Factor: 10/10
Chances of winning: Great as skill develops

This might just be the world’s favourite card game. They have even made movies about it. This is a game you can actually win via skill and by using an effective blackjack strategy. It’s also a lot of fun.

You are much more involved in blackjack than you are in baccarat. You’re objective is to beat the dealer by getting a total of 21 or as close to it as possible without going over 21. You start with two cards, and have to decide whether to play or request more.

Again, why not play live dealer blackjack if you’re going to play anyway. Many of the sites in the world mentioned above have live casinos.


Enjoyment factor: 9/10
Chances of winning: Pure chance

Keno is essentially a casino’s version of lottery games. You pick numbers and win cash prizes for making combinations.

There are lots of different variants of keno but most pay if you make at least a two or three number combo. Getting a full house can see you win massive jackpots if you play progressive keno.


Enjoyment Factor: 10/10
Chances of winning: Best in the house as skill develops

If you know anything at all about card games you will have already heard of Texas hold ‘em. The best casino sites will offer lots of poker variants including Red Dog, Oasis, Casino Hold ‘em, Caribbean Stud, and Texas Hold ‘Em.

As far as sheer fun goes, it’s difficult to top poker. The best part about Texas hold ‘em in particular is the outcome is largely under your control. Some people even make a living playing poker online at casino sites.


Enjoyment Factor: 11/10
Chances of Winning: Pure chance

The bulk of the games at new casino sites will be video slots. These are popular precisely because they are games of pure chance and you can just sit back, chill out, and spin.

Fun is the aim of the game here but slots can be seriously exhilarating. Some of the new slot games can seem more like video games than slots, and many offer the chance to win incredible progressive jackpots.

You wouldn’t be the first person to start with a tenner and walk out with several million after a slots session. It’s rare, yes, but it can and does happen!


Enjoyment factor: 10/10
Chances of Winning: Improved with strategy, but chance rules.

Walk into any bricks and mortar casino and you will notice crowds around the red and black spinning roulette wheels. As far as enjoyment goes, roulette is difficult to beat.

While there are some roulette strategies you can use at new casino sites to improve your chances, honestly, it’s largely down to luck.

When you go on a roll and watch your initial bet double multiple times in a row, there’s no feeling quite like it. Be careful, though, because the rush roulette gives you will leave you wanting more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you recommend some new casino sites no deposit required?

A: Check out the bonus offers in our reviews. We can tell you that players can enjoy 20 free no deposit spins at Casumo. Start there but there are many more on offer.

Q: Why do many new casino sites have wagering requirements attached to bonus offers?

A: This is needed to stop people cashing out and walking away with bonus money. A business wouldn’t last long if it gave twenty quid to everyone who wanted it and let them walk out, would it?

Q: What are the best video slot games to play?

A: There are so many slot games we would like to mention, but we will focus on those offering the best features and biggest jackpots. Mega Moolah, Mega Fortune, Cosmic Fortune, Cleopatra Mega Jackpots, Gladiator Jackpot, and Jackpot Giant are the best slots we can recommend. Any of these can make you an instant millionaire.

Q: Will I need a new casino site bonus code to claim the bonuses?

A: This depends on the casino but in most cases, the answer is no. If you see a bonus offer you like at one of our recommended new casino sites just click through and if a bonus code is required, the casino will make it known.

Q: What should I do if I want to stop playing?

A: Talk to the customer service. Never let what should be fun get out of control. Most of our recommended casinos have self-exclusion programs and tools to help you manage if you feel you are losing control. Always play responsibly and remember – when the fun stops, stop.